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Gruppo Daimont – Yarpa Investimenti Sgr – LBO France

Il Gruppo Daimont is one of the leading producers of portable chemical toilets worldwide and the Italian leader in the rental business with a market share of over 80%. In 2009 the Group recorded a turnover of € 57.4 million, with an operating margin over 20%. Vendors were the Dainelli family, which will keep 20% of the Newco and the private equity investors MPS Venture and Sviluppo Imprese Centro Italia (Sici) which acquired a minority participation in 2006.

Yarpa Investimenti Sgr, (an investment company whose shareholders include Vittoria Assicurazioni, the Messina family, Banca Passadore, Gruppo Rimorchi Riuniti and the Marsiaj family) teams with LBO France (one of the most important French Private Equity funds) to acquire majority shares in middle-market Italian companies with solid fundamentals and a relevant market position.

Following this second MBO, the Group will start its development strategy on international markets, through both internal and external growth.

Cross Border advised the owners, managing an international auction process with selected financial investors, able to support the Dainelli family in its international growth strategy, also by facilitating the entry of new management. The Group attracted strong interest from financial bidders due to its strong market position and financial results, as well as the opportunity to replicate its successful business model on new markets.