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Stirling Square – Sicurglobal

Sicurglobal is Italy’s largest operator in alarm monitoring,

the most profitable segment of security services. Together with guarding and cash handling, it reached sales of € 165 million in 2007 with an Ebitda of approximately 15%, significantly higher than its peers. It was acquired by BS Private Equity Group in 2004, the first ever acquisition of an Italian security company to a private equity operator.

Stirling Square is a pan-European private equity firm dedicated to the middle market.

The client received from us a full transaction management service according to the highest international standards, in a financial market that has become extremely attentive to due diligence and valuation procedures. In particular we contributed as follows to the success of Stirling Square’s bid: a) we accurately revised the business plan in every detail, revealing significant financial risks and opportunities unknown to the client and based on our past experience and access to leading players; b) we were able to immediately flag the operating and regulatory risks typical of this industry and provide the instruments to manage them.

With our help, Stirling Square could rapidly recover its time disadvantage due to absence of direct experience in the industry in Italy and align the lenders with its vision of the upside of the business inspired by us.

Cross Border did not originate the transaction as an intermediary. We were called by the client when the auction process was already advanced, as we were the only M&A advisor in Italy with a track record in the security service industry.