Sell side Advisory

We offers assistance in the sale of companies or business units.

Cross Border creates added value throught two steps:

1. Identification of the best buyer in terms of price as well as suitability and reliability;
2. Project management in order to maximize not only the price but also quality aspects such as confidentiality and post-contractual obligations.

Thanks to its thirty-year experience and global relationships, Cross Border has a wide net of industry experts able to analyze many sectors and identify potential buyers. Buyer competition could vary according to the type of transaction: one-to-one or one-to-many.

The level of involvement required by management and ownership in the period following the sale contributes to a tailor-made process.

Buy side Advisory

The service provided by Cross Border involves two phases:

1. Target selection;
2. Operational execution that leads to the success of the process.

Advisory for Management Buy-Out (MBO)

An “MBO” is the acquisition of a company by the existing management, usually with the help of investors and financial institutions. MBO has proven itself the form of acquisition that gives better financial results because the existing management knows better than anyone else the company and its potential.

Cross Border is able to verify confidentially the feasibility of an MBO operation.

Advisory for Management Buy-In (MBI)

An “MBI” is the acquisition of a company by management external to it. Cross Border selects the ideal financial partner as well as the management incentive package.

Family Buy-Out (FBO) Support Activities

In a family company experiencing generational transition, the FBO is an instrument suitable for the rearrangement of shares among members who may have different personal projects. The use of leverage (debt) to finance part of the price, allows family members to monetize part of the company value in a fiscally efficient way, also keeping the same percentage of shares. The size of the transaction or the cash-in (liquidity) requested by family members may require the intervention of a financial investor (private equity) that in addition to new capitals provides managerial and organizational skills.

Consulting and Evaluation

The in-depth knowledge of many industrial sectors together with the support of experienced managers allows us to provide:

  • Value optimization strategy for the shareholder;
  • Business plan with alternative scenarios;
  • Company valuation with comparative analysis;
  • Joint venture;
  • Licensing agreement.

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