CloudCare, founded in 2011 with headquarters in Rome, is a leading digital platform in the energy, telecommunications and insurance markets, where it operates as a web sales channel and digital broker, connecting consumers and service providers both through proprietary sites of the Company and through customer web platforms. Among the CloudCare proprietary sites, is an online reference point for consumers wishing to compare the prices of energy, telecommunications, vehicle insurance and consumer financial services products. The Company’s offer differs thanks to a proprietary CRM system, developed internally and powered by a large database, a hybrid chat platform supported by unique Artificial Intelligence and an end-to-end approach for the generation of leads and the maximization of conversion, through the proprietary multichannel platform. Over the past three years, CloudCare has achieved average revenue growth of over 40%.

CloudCare is an agent of digitization and innovation and has built solid relationships with leading operators in the Italian energy, telecommunications and insurance market. Investcorp’s investment is indicative of the significant market opportunities associated with the digitization process and the growing importance of digital distribution channels.

Andrea Conte, founder and CEO of CloudCare, will continue to lead the company, having

retained an important stake in CloudCare, alongside Investcorp.